All the goodness of fresh, organic, Mediterranean fruit captured in a jar.

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A healthier lower sugar jam.
Handmade in Italy using only fruit, with no added sugar & no artificial sweetener.
Perfect for a healthy, reduced sugar, Mediterranean diet.
100% Organic. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Organic jam 100% pure fruit

A replacement for traditional jam and marmalade, this range of lower sugar jam is made in Tuscany with fruit only, without additives, without preservatives and without refined sugar. Simply the finest, freshest fruit packed into a jar. It just tastes of freshly picked, sun-ripened fruit.


Our Story

Hello, I’m Rebecca, founder of Frutteto Italia.

It all started when I was struggling to find something wholesome and nutritious to eat at breakfast time, something delicious that my family could enjoy.

Staring at the sugary jam lurking in the cupboard, I wondered…“why is there no nutritional goodness in jam when the primary ingredient is fruit?”

Our Philosophy

Everything we make is 100% organic. Organic farming in our opinion is better for us and the planet. It means fewer pesticides in our food, in our soil and in our waterways.

Our Products

Why choose Frutteto Italia’s organic pure fruit spreads?

This healthier jam from Frutteto Italia is simply crushed fruit in a jar. We use more than 100g of fruit to make 100g of fruit spread; which is double the amount normally used to make jam and marmalade.

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