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About Us

Hello, I’m Rebecca, founder of Frutteto Italia.
It all started when I was struggling to find something wholesome and nutritious to eat at breakfast time, something delicious that my family could enjoy. Staring at the sugary jam lurking in the cupboard, I wondered…
Why is there no nutritional goodness in jam when the primary ingredient is fruit?

Why not?

Being curious, I started to experiment in my kitchen. I soon realized that not only is it important to change the traditional recipe, but also to change the way that jam is made.

Cooking jam the traditional way, by boiling it on a hot stove in an open pan, does not help to preserve the flavour, the aroma nor the goodness of the fresh fruit. Better to make it under pressure so that the cooking temperature can be significantly lowered.

I also saw that when I doubled the amount of fruit I added to the recipe, I could remove the pectin. There was no need for it.

This was no longer a traditional jam. This had a unique taste. Of fresh fruit. Crushed.

What could be healthier to spread on toast in the morning?

Lift off!

After exhibiting and being approached by several buyers at the Natural & Organic Fair in London, we scaled up production, crossed our fingers and launched.

You can now find our Frutteto Italia range in independent health food and whole food stores throughout the UK.

With interest growing in vegan diets and healthy eating, our range of plant-based organic food is now appreciated in other countries in Europe and further afield.

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