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Our Philosophy

We like to take traditional products and make them better.
Better for us.
We believe our food should be full of nutritional goodness.
Better tasting.
We believe our food should taste better than homemade, by using innovative cooking methods unavailable in the home kitchen.

Our starting
point is nature

We carefully select the best, natural ingredients.
For example, we choose to use (and pay more for) proper premium-grade fruit in our fruit spreads, rather than use puréed leftovers often used in commercial jam.

We use only organic ingredients, that are GMO free.

We simplify the ingredients list, keeping it to 1,2 or 3.

We don’t use artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

We use innovative techniques to help preserve the goodness of the natural ingredients.

We work in an ethical and sustainable way to minimise the impact of our products on the environment.

Everything we make is 100% organic

Organic farming in our opinion is better for us and the planet. It means fewer pesticides in our food, in our soil and in our waterways. It means fresh produce with higher levels of nutrients and key anti-oxidants. It means more wildlife, with organic farmland being havens for bees, birds and butterflies.

Reducing our carbon impact

We are members of the European Green Dot recycling scheme,  so we pay annually towards the cost of recycling all of our packaging that we have sold each year (glass jars, tin lids, cardboard trays).

We Recycle 

We use easily recyclable packaging which we define as materials that can be placed in household recycling.

Moreover the packaging we use protects the food throughout their shelf life to avoid spoilage and reduce food waste.

We aim to reduce our carbon impact by making transportation as efficient as possible, by sharing lorries with other businesses (more gets transported in one go), participating in pallet exchanges (to reuse the wooden pallets) and minimizing the amount of packaging to secure deliveries.

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